Wednesday, March 5, 2014

House Captain

House captain, Being house captain is a big job but its the right job for me I never font that I could be the right person for house captain. Leading all of Te Arawa through cross country. It was kind of a fright when Mr Burt called my name out in prize giving for being house captain of  Te Arawa me and Anamei.

We were the house captain of Te Arawa. At prize giving the year 8 house captains were give me  some tips and pointer of how to lead for next year. The first week of the year 2014 of the school my friends courdeding me, supporting me and having a laugh. Going to school assembly setting down at a chair just finishing sing the national and fem.

After that all the house captains got called up for their badges which say house captain and show your are house captain.  Mrs favasauaga had placed my badge on me I felt like I had the power of god but after 2 minute was up I felt like everyone else just a normal kid.

House captain had to make new house charts to win and show off with. We had to come up with some charts before picnic so we can show all of Te Arawa so we can perform it at the picnic. After we perform it we had to wait for the results and when we heard the teacher telling us the results we came 2nd yell!!!!!  we said it loud and poured and that's what Te Arawa all about we made Te Arawa come 2nd with the charts. But I still got a whole year of house captain so I hope I try my best and lead them on the right path.

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