Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sketch Up

Sketchup is an 3D device which you can use on imac, ipads and netbooks. Sketchup
is an design program which you use to make 3 dimensional shapes on this one program you can download it for free on I mac. You can design toys objects clips for your lunch.

The people that use it are students, parents or teacher mostly anyone over the globe.  The year 7/8s from class 2 got the chance to use Sketchup for a project. My friends were creative on Sketchup one of my friends were making a boat and the other were making cars.

People use Sketchup for buildings and ideas like cars, extensions, and House’s. Sketchup is a project where you can connect up to a 3D printer, but there are tools that you use to control it and see things from different angles. The tool’s on the 3D printer is special equipment which you will find at certain places.

The way you use Sketchup is on Devices, Computers, and Online. You use shapes and combined them with other shapes and it creates a mixture between both of them. There is a special software which you can use to download objects to give you ideas of creating things you’ve never thinked of before.

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