Friday, April 11, 2014

Fia Fia 2014

Fia Fia was awesome.

On Wednesday PES (Pt England School) had a Fia Fia day which was on 9th of April 2014.  The group I was in was Niuean. Before Fia Fia when everyone was buying food I was hanging around with my friends taking photos which my teacher was taking. Looking at my watch the time just changing to 6 o'clock. Hearing Mr Burt over the loud speaker saying "Hi beautiful people It's time for all of the Fia Fia groups to go to their room’s".

Walking to my Fia Fia room which is at class 9 on the other side of the school. As I got there my whole group is waiting at the door. I couldn't believe I was there. The door opened. I ran inside and grabbed my clothes that I was dancing in. I put all my gear on and put some baby oil on. I got my teacher to put my face paint on and hair spray.

We walked out into the crowd and we watched all of the performances. Everybody went hard and loud. We finished at 10 o'clock and everyone was happy.

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