Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill

I think the Heart Attack Grill should not open in Glen Innes Auckland NZ. Because obesity would increase In Glen Innes and all over the world. If one opens in Glen innes It might not stop spreading  around Auckland NZ. There is no healthy food at The Heart Attack Grill all of their food have sugar, salt, and fat.

The Heart Attack Grill Is from the US and they had a spokesperson called Blair who had no job and he would go to The Heart Attack Grill everyday for breakfast,lunch and dinner for free. Because he weigh over 330 he got food for free at The Heart Attack Grill any day and any time.

Blair knew he was going to die but he still ate. Sadly he died because of obesity. The owner, Jon Basso said “Yeah I miss him but he liked The Heart Attack Grill how the burgers were big and the chips were unlimited.” Two weeks later they found another person to be on their ads and to get free food from their takeaway I think he died a few years later too.

The shop has been open in the us for about 8 years it was started in 2005  thats why I think it should not open in Glen Innes Auckland its good thing for other people because new jobs will be opening but it should not open anywhere else.

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