Friday, May 31, 2013

burger narrative

Long ago, there was a burger shop in LA which made the worlds biggest burgers that people have ever seen. Every time obese people would order it every day for their combo meal   with burger,chips and drinks and they would pay for it to get devolved to there house. They sell one burger per person every day if you eat two burger you might die if you weigh over 120 kgs. No problem has happen because of their takeaways...yet!  But one day a guy called John was having his lunch break and he ordered a small burger then he got the combo meal.

He was shocked because of how huge the burger was in front of his face. He had small burger each time he had a lunch break. John tried out the burger and it made him sick and feel like he was done. the owner asked if there was a doctor in the building and he said he was a doctor but he was sick. the worker rushed John to the doctors and laid him on the bed. Nurses checked to see what was wrong with him. Luckily for John, he only had a tummy bug.

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