Monday, December 16, 2013

Net Book Reflection

This year the most valuable thing I’ve learn’t in room 15 is making games with starch,lip sinking and movie making on our net book. I’ve never knew that we could make movies on our computer without using hyperstudio.This year I’ve learnt myself is how to mangen myself on the mat,lunch,netbook without being dodgy. The most things I do on my netbook is really nothing I just talk to my friends but I always get my work finished sometime. What I’ve learnt from my friends on my netbook is how to hack site how to play aqw and minecraft I’ve learnt how to get around stuff but I never go on anything but aq. playing aq get in the mind and when you're hacking to play it. It’s like it’s hacking you. You can’t get away from it. It follow you in your head but I’ve learnt how to stop it. It gives me and the goal is to finish my work then play aq.

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