Friday, November 29, 2013

Swimming recount/narrative 1ZuTiWalking to the pools with my class and teacher leading us on the foot path. I was hoping to make it into a good group. Walking through the swimming pools door first thing seeing is a lane pool then seeing the life guards. Feeling nervous bloodstream down my veins knowing i’m not going to do much good. Miss King telling me to get into the pool to test my skills in the pool it’s different when you're in the pool then out of the pool.

Starting to start swimming I swim to the end of the pool then I walk the whole way back. Thinking that we had to just swim there and walk back but we had to swim the whole way blood rushing to my face feeling angry at myself wanting to give it another go. Going to my group doing races up and down the pool feeling happy with my self doing good for my first day of swimming. Hoping to bring my togs the next day. ‘YES’ 1ZuTi

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  1. Great job this morning Anthony.
    I like how you are thinking about using verbs for your sentence beginnings - be careful that you do vary them a little though. - I look forward to seeing your gif animation.
    Well done


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