Friday, December 13, 2013

Action World Recount

The day finally came, we could get the chance to go on a trip. It was to ACTION WORLD! This was the trip of the year, only because it was the ONLY trip we got to go on! We arrived at School.

Arriving at school wondering did anyone else bring their mufti? I walked through the gates and everyone else was! Except for my best mate, Anthony! “Why aren't you wearing mufti!” I questioned him. “oh, I forgot?”. “Whatever” I replied.

All the year 7’s had to meet up at the Street. So we could see if everybody was here. After that we boarded the bus. “We have finally arrived.” I'm going to try the rock climbing part first. Entering the building, there was an instructor, and his name is Jerry. He was telling us about the rules and safety.

We got right into it. Our first activity was the Jump n Slide. Where you get to get up the stairs and either jump, or you could either slide in the carpet type thing. I choose to jump off. I did a front-flip the first time, then I did a back-flip.

The second activity was the crazy ladder. It was a ladder that twists and turns and all of the people fall off. I was the second one to do it, Levi was the first. But I think I can go way faster than him.

It was time for free time. The first thing I went on was the free climb. I had to master it. The first time I tryed it was too easy I had mastered it. I finally went to the crazy ladder. I kept falling off. Until I kept calm and took it slow and steady. I finally rang the bell.

I never hit the bell I couldn't reach it the only way to get is to starfish back I had seconds thoughts. I look down trying to let go but my hands were tape on to the rock climbing. Being the first to climb to the top seeing Wyatt at the bottom. My hand released from the rock climbing AWWW BOOM! landing on the mat happy seeing the sky again.

I have mastered two activities. I went to try the jungle swings. They were technically monkey bars, just oval bars. I did it but I couldn't jump over the Batman thing . It was too wide and tall.
We came back to school and Anthony and I were not tired, so we decided to play handball with the year 6’s. Me and Wyatt were teams I was losing but Wyatt had my back he skidded  and chinked did everything to win.

Having an a exciting day of fun with all my friends hopeful we go again next year. YES

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