Friday, September 2, 2011


When we went to badminton it was on Thursday. I went with my class room. We walked to the hall to learn how to play badminton so we can play when we get older. There was a woman called Lorene who showed us how to hold the racket. There was a back hand grip and a forehand grip.
On the the first day she instructed us to get a racket? The girls went first then the boys. Most of the boys got a little racket.Next we got a shuttle. She said, "Get a partner." My partner was Isara and Lorene's partner was Logan. She show us our to hit the shuttle but Logan kept on hitting it out. Isara and I were having fun. It was funny when he hit it and I tried to hit it back to him. The longest I could hit it back was 12 times. If we had to stop she would shout out,Shuttle!"

The next time we did badminton one of her friends Donna came and showed us how to hit it too but she came with two nets so we could play a game. The boys were with one net while the girls were with the other. We had to hit it over the net. It had to go past the line.
For our last game Lorene said to us to get in a line. She served the shuttle to us then we had to hit it one time before it hit the ground. As soon as we hit it we had run to the back of the line so the next person could hit it. If you missed it you lost your racket. At the end it was only just my racket left.

I enjoyed badminton and the lessons she gave us. It was fun learning lots of new games and skills.

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