Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rugby Ball

In the late 1800’s people used a raw pigs bladder for a ball. A bladder is a body part of a pig that holds the pig's urine. The oval shaped balls were different sizes depending on the size of the pig. As the ball got smelly they would get a new one. 

Some people used it for playing game called Big side. There was no running with the ball. Big side is a game when you can not move you just get the ball when it is up in the air. When you get it in the air you can kick the ball under the goal. It would have been hard because all of the opposition would be under the goal. 

One day William Webb Ellis got the ball and sprinted with the ball and got a try and then he called the game rugby. In 1871 they made the goal taller so when they kicked it over the goal you can see it.

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