Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

When our class walked in to the hall for our Immersion Assembly I saw Mr J was dress up in some funny clothers he had a wig on his hard the wig was green and his face had paint on it when I walk in
Assembly Mr J was cheering I didn't know what he was saying.Then Mr Burt stayed to give out ticks so when they where look at them part.Then Mr Burt helps went to go get the food at the back of the stage.
the food look yum.they give ticks out so kids can get something to Mr Burt said it time for term1 when they went up they sang a song it was a cool song when they they where wearing all black t-shirts then term 1went to set down.Next it was term 2 tuner they sang an song to Mr Bunr give out some more
ticks Logan a tick too. term 4 was the best Mrs Somerville was funny he was the reef and he got a gold.

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