Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Guess what I did last Wednesday?  I went to Motat. I went on the bus with my class 14 and room 13. We had a lot of fun. We went because our topic fits. We got on the bus then when we got there we got out of the bus and we went in to a room with one of the leaders then we had morning tea.

Next room 13 went with the teacher and we had to wait then we went to tactile dome.When we went to tactile dome we saw lots of fun things around us. When we were at tactile dome some man came out of the door he was talking about tactile dome. Jonita and 3 more girls went then it was me and Esrah. Two boys and I went in. It was dark in the tactile dome. When we got in there we were singing a song. It was hard we were trying to get out we were walking then we fell down. We got back up we were using our hands to feel where we were going. Then we were going up hill, then we saw the side. We went down the side then we got out of the tactile dome and it was the next person's turn.

  After that we went to the next things. We played some games. We were playing car games when we went to the other game room.

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