Monday, May 26, 2014

Why is swimming important

The reason why swimming is important in New Zealand is because NZ(New Zealand) is the most likely country for people to drown and die. If you fall off a boat and you have no life jacket you might drown or have to swim to shore. Every time you go to the beach you should always be with a parent.

You should always have a life jacket with you when you're on a boat. New Zealand is the most normal place for people to go to the beach and go without parents. Mostly every school in New Zealand have been funned by the countie for kids to get free training and get free lessons.


  1. Anthony, you are right swimming is very important. Children do have lots of opportunities to learn to swim, most schools have a swimming program that students can participate in.

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    1. Thank for the comment hopefully you can come back and become a teacher.


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