Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Photo

Once upon a time there was a photo that was haunted. There was a boy called max who founded it in his house up in the attic in a box. Everyday Max would try not to look at it but its like Max it attracted to it. Its like the photo is his monster. But one day when he went inside the attic he saw lot’s of photo was hanging on the wall, it was scary he saw a shadow of a scary monster. He might've hanged up the photos? Because of that he tried not to look at the photo but Max couldn’t stop looking. He walked up to it, and then the shadow moved up to the photo. Because of that the monster ran behind him and grabbed his FACE! he yelled “AHH’ he was dragged into the darkness of the room. Because of that the photo was haunted. Until finally the corner lighted up and it was my brother scaring me and making shadow with his hands. Every since it was my brother who was scaring me all the other nights. The moral of the story is watch out because your brother or sister might scare you with a photo that you find.

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