Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lollipop moments

A Lollipop moment is when somebody does something nice for if your mum is cleaning in the house and she ask you can you help me with the dashes please. And you said yes that’s a lollipop moment. To help lollipop moment happen in your family or school just do the same thing like on the top paragraphs. If a teacher drop’s her class homework and she has about 32 kids in her class that’s she got to give homework to and she does ask you to pick up the paper and you help her without asking to pick it up that’s another lollipop moment. I’m telling you this because this morning we watch a video that’s about lollipop moment. There was this man that says that he went to a little university school and this girl walk up to him when it was the last year of university. And she told him something 4 year ago. He said that when she was there she didn’t feel safe at university then she saw this person handing out lollipops and he give a lollipop to the boy next to the girl. He told the boy to give it to the girl next to you and thats all I rember and I would put the video at the top so you can watch the whole thing. had lot’s of lollipop moment like every day. Because after dinner I pick the dashes away thats my lollipop moment.

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