Monday, March 4, 2013

Black Hole

When I went to print some pictures of cars, I saw a black circle in the middle of a blank piece of paper. I accidently dropped my paper with cars on it and it actually fell into the black circle.
So I put my hand inside the hole made a funny noise. I grabbed my paper out as quick as I could.  I went to the drink bending machine with the black paper and put the black hole on the drink bending machine and grabbed me a bottle of Pump. I could feel the power, it felt like it took control of me. It felt like I was someone else.

I wanted to go bigger. So I went to the bank late that night. Using the black hole, I put my hand through the door and opened the lock from the inside. I had a torch with me and scanned the room for the safe. I saw it in the back of the picture it was the oldest trick in the book I took the picture off the wall I got more power rushing through my blood all I could say is it felt good.  And  I grabbed all the money in the safe. I couldn't grab it all, so I climbed into the safe I tapped the paper to the safe it fell off oh no” I left the van on that’s when I folt of use durk tapp my power was slowing down I was alone in the dark I head my heart pounding throw my body.

I cried and knocked the sides of the wall. Waiting for help, I didn't have much air to breathe in, so something. happen I head The boss that worked night shift. I heard his footsteps getting closer and CLOSER!!! he open the safe and I ran off.The boss is name was Max I it his name on his t-shirt. Max didn't see my face also the money I thought carefully where about the money went Hi” the black hole fell on the money as I climbed in. The boss didn't  know. He pick up the paper and throw it into the bin I went  back to get the paper out of the bin and I was able to get out.

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