Thursday, October 6, 2011

CROSS country

On Wednesday we had cross country I was racing with the 10 year old boy it look like a long run.
We started the race at 1pm we had to have a shot lunch time so all of us can get a turn.When we started
the little kids had to go first.
After all of the little kids it would be the 11year old boys turn they went first to run out of all of the
year 5,6 and 7 but we had to wait for Mr Burnt to come.Mr Burnt couldn't come because he had to do the little kids race.We went down to the reserve and we were waiting there setting down on the grass playing games.When Mr burnt came he told the 11year old boys to stand up It look like a long run because how we walk around.After the 11 year old boys ran off it was our turn to go the girl were about to go after them but they did go.Then he said to as get up and he took as to start line when we got there he said to as get Your marks get set Go!!!!! I ran as fast as I can but as I was running I ran with Lorenzo.when I ran I said to him “come Lorenzo lets run together” We were running to the front so we were not at the back we all want to come first or second or third.When we
ran we started to sprinted to the front of the pack.I was coming fourth and Lorenzo was coming first I was trying my best to keep up with them running the cow were smelly but I try to not to stop I need some water as I was running the people how were helping with cross country.As I ran past them they were spurting me to not give up.

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